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Goose - Swan Heads

Artificial Goose and Swan Heads by Joe Ferebee

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply is proud to offer these outstanding rigid plastic bird heads from acclaimed bird taxidermist Joe Ferebee. Using these bird heads will eliminate problems associated with shrinkage, neck incisions, eye setting, and will allow you to pre-paint the bill. Excellent detail. Eyes not included.

  Item # SpeciesEye
DH79Pacific Black Brant9mm - Brown$12.45Buy Online
DH80Atlantic Brant9mm - Brown$12.45Buy Online
DH80SAtlantic Brant - Small9mm - Brown$11.95Buy Online
DH81Cackling Canada Goose9mm - Brown$12.45Buy Online
DH82Canada Goose - Medium12mm - Brown$15.45Buy Online
DH116Canada Goose - Medium, OM12mm - Brown$18.40Buy Online
DH83Canada Goose - Large12mm - Brown$15.45Buy Online
DH94Canada Goose - X-Large12mm - Brown$15.45Buy Online
DH124Canada Goose - X-Large, OM12mm - Brown$18.40Buy Online
DH84Ross’ Goose9mm - Brown$12.45Buy Online
DH85Snow - Blue Goose - Medium11mm - Brown$15.45Buy Online
DH122Snow - Blue Goose - Medium OM11mm - Brown$18.40Buy Online
DH86Snow - Blue Goose - Large12mm - Brown$15.45Buy Online
DH121Snow Goose - Large - OM12mm - Brown$18.40Buy Online
DH87White - Fronted Goose11mm - Brown$15.45Buy Online
DH88Mute Swan12mm - Brown$18.40Buy Online
DH89Whistling (Tundra) Swan12mm - Brown$18.40Buy Online
DH125Whistling (Tundra) Swan, OM12mm - Brown$21.35Buy Online
DH90Lesser Sandhill Crane11mm - Straw $15.45Buy Online
DH91Ross’ Goose - Old Male9mm - Brown$15.45Buy Online
DH92Canada Goose - Small10mm - Brown$15.45Buy Online
DH93White - Fronted Goose - Small10mm - Brown$15.45Buy Online
DH95Trumpeter Swan12mm - Brown$19.15Buy Online
DH126Trumpeter Swan - OM12mm - Brown$21.80Buy Online
DH143Emperor Goose10mm - Brown$11.95Buy Online