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Life-Size Coyote

With Coyotes being one of the most populated varmints in the country they have become one of the most mounted mammals. McKenzie offers life-size and half life-size Coyote forms in characteristic poses and a variety of sizes.

Our selection of display bases and realistic looking habitat materials are available to create a natural looking habitat scene for your Coyote mount. Add realism to your mount with our realistic looking Coyote glass eyes.

View: How To Measure For Life-Size Forms.

Mount by Rick Carter

  Item # CutACDPositionEye
CY-R1 2 7/8"15"24 1/4"Playing, RT, OM16mmCYJCYP$105.85Buy Online
CY-8-OMYes3 3/4"20 1/4"29"Standing, Howling, SRT16mmCYJNTH012H$133.50Buy Online
CY-V6 3 1/4"15 1/2"29 1/2"Standing Looking Back, Strong RT, CM16mmCY$131.10Buy Online
CY-3Yes3 3/4"19 1/4"31"Standing, Front Foot Raised, RT, CM16mmCY$133.50Buy Online
CY-1Yes3 3/4"20 1/4"31"Standing, RT, CM16mmCY$133.50Buy Online
CY-1-OMYes3 3/4"20 1/4"31"Standing, RT, OM16mmCYM1108 $133.50Buy Online
CY-2Yes3 3/4"19 1/2"31"Looking Back, RT, CM16mmCY$135.65Buy Online
CY-2-OMYes3 3/4"19 1/2"31"Looking Back, RT, OM16mmCYM1108$135.65Buy Online
CY-15Yes3 3/4"20 1/4"32"Stalking, LT, CM16mmCY$133.50Buy Online
CY-14Yes3 3/4"19"32 1/2"Front Elevated, STR, CM16mmCY$133.50Buy Online
CY-4 3 3/4"20"33"Lying Down, RT, CM16mmCY$133.50Buy Online
CY-10-OM 3 3/4"20"33"Sitting, Howling, LT, OM16mmCYJNTH012H$146.55Buy Online
CY-10-CL 3 3/4"20"33"Sitting Howling, LT, OM16mmCYIncluded$249.90Buy Online
CY-12 3 3/4"20"33"Sitting, LT, CM16mmCY$146.55Buy Online
CY-7-OM 4 1/4"23 1/4"33"Sitting, Howling, OM18mmCYJNTH012H$146.55Buy Online
CY101LSYes4"19 1/2"34"Standing, LT, CM18mmCY$123.55Buy Online
CY102LSYes4"19 1/2"34"Standing, RT, OM18mmCYM1108$123.55Buy Online
CY-17Yes4"19 1/2"34"Hanging Dead, STR18mmCY$147.70Buy Online
CY-5Yes4 1/4"21 3/4"34 1/4"Front Elevated, RT, CM18mmCY$147.70Buy Online
CY-V2Yes3 7/8"17 1/2"34 1/2"Walking, STR, CM16mmCY$143.75Buy Online
CY-V9-CM 4"19"34 1/2"Running, Lt Front Foot Down, CM18mmCY$143.75Buy Online
CY-V9-OM 4"19"34 1/2"Running, Lt Front Foot Down, OM18mmCYJCYM$143.75Buy Online
CY-V3Yes4 1/4"19 3/4"34 1/2"Standing, Howling, RT, OM18mmCYJCYM$143.75Buy Online
CY-V7Yes4 1/4"22"34 1/2"Standing, Elevated, Howling, LT, OM18mmCYJCYM$143.75Buy Online
CY-6-OMYes4 1/4"23"34 1/2"Running, RT, OM18mmCYM1108$149.20Buy Online
CY-6-CLYes4 1/4"23"34 1/2"Running, RT, OM18mmCYIncluded$252.80Buy Online
CY-V10 4"18 1/2"35 1/2"Lying on Right Side, LT, CM18mmCY$143.75Buy Online
CY-V1Yes4"21"36"Stalking, Defensive, LT, CM18mmCY$143.75Buy Online
CY201LSYes4 1/4"22"34"Standing, Front Elevated, LT, CM18mmCY$135.70Buy Online
CY301LSYes4 1/4"22"34"Front Elevated, Howling, SLT, OM18mmCYM1108$135.70Buy Online
CY-301-CLYes4 1/4"22"34"Front Elevated, Howling, LT, OM18mmCYIncluded$235.00Buy Online
CY-V4-CM 4"18"36 1/2"Sitting on Hind Legs, RT, CM18mmCY$143.75Buy Online
CY-V4-OM 4"18"36 1/2"Sitting on Hind Legs, RT, OM18mmCYJCYM$143.75Buy Online
CY-9 4 1/4"23"36 1/2"Sitting, LT, CM18mmCY$149.20Buy Online
CY-V8Yes4 1/2"19 1/2"37"Lying on Left Side, RT, CM18mmCY$143.75Buy Online
CY-16Yes4 1/4"24 1/4"37"Front Elevated, RT, CM18mmCY$154.70Buy Online
CY-V12Yes4 1/2"21"37 1/2"Standing, Ft. Feet Elevated, LT, CM18mmCY$149.10Buy Online
CY-11Yes4 1/4"23 3/4"37 1/2"Walking, RT, CM18mmCY$154.70Buy Online
VC1Yes4 3/8"20 1/4"37 1/2"Standing Front Raised, CM18mmCY$153.85Buy Online
CY-V11-CMYes4 1/4"21 1/2"38"Trotting, LT, CM18mmCY$149.10Buy Online
CY-V11-OMYes4 1/4"21 1/2"38"Trotting, LT, OM18mmCYJCYM$149.10Buy Online
CY-V5-CM 4 1/2"22"40"Stalking, Defensive, LT, CM18mmCY$152.70Buy Online
CY-V5-OM 4 1/2"22"40"Stalking, Defensive, LT, OM18mmCYJCYM$152.70Buy Online
CY-13Yes4 1/4"25 1/2"40"Stalking, LT, CM18mmCY$155.55Buy Online
CY-V13Yes4 1/4"20 1/2"41"Drinking, Looking Down, SRT, CM18mmCY$152.70Buy Online
CY-18Yes4 1/4"31"44"Lying Down, LT, CM18mmCY$156.80Buy Online
CY-607CL 3 3/4"18 1/2"29 1/2"Standing, Howling, OM16mmCYIncluded$213.05Buy Online
CY-603Yes4 1/4"19 1/2"35"Leaping, Slight LT, OM18mmCYJ403$134.45Buy Online
CY-19Yes4"20 3/4"35 1/2"Stalking, RT, CM18mmCY$147.70Buy Online
 BH103Yes4 1/2"18 1/2"35"Standing, LT, CM18mmCYYes$122.15Buy Online
 BH103MYes4 1/2"18 1/2"35"Standing, LT-OM18mmCYJCYMYes$122.15Buy Online
 BH104Yes4 1/2"18 1/2"35"Standing, SLT, CM18mmCYYes$122.15Buy Online
 BH104MYes4 1/2"18 1/2"35"Standing, SLT, OM18mmCYJCYMYes$122.15Buy Online
 COY1Yes4 1/4"22"36"Standing Downhill, SRT, CM18mmCYYes$122.15Buy Online
 COY5Yes4 1/2"23"38"Walking, SLT, CM18mmCYYes$122.15Buy Online
 COY2Yes4"20 1/2"36"Standing Uphill, SRT, CM18mmCYYes$122.15Buy Online
 COY6Yes4 1/2"22 1/2"38"Sitting, LT, CM18mmCYYes$122.15Buy Online
 COY7Yes4 1/2"22 1/2"38"Howling, LT 18mmCYJCYMYes$122.15Buy Online
 COY4Yes4"21"35"Running, RT, CM18mmCYYes$122.15Buy Online
COY42Yes4"20"36"Leaping, RT, OM18mmCY$120.70Buy Online
CY62LSYes4"20 1/2"36"Standing, RT, CM18mmCY$120.70Buy Online