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Crappie Reproductions

Crappie Reproductions by Dennis Arp
No more sanding and grinding ugly seams. The Original Dennis Arp Fish Reproductions come ready to attach the semi-rigid fins and paint. The quality of the casting and the ease of assembly make Arp Reproductions the premier choice.

    • No flashing to trim.
    • 30 min. prep time and they are ready to paint.
    • Excellent symmetry - no flat sides.
    • Thin, transparent, semi-rigid fins.
    • Complete detail - no mouth to recreate.
    • Lightweight

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  Item # Length
DACR13113 1/2"11 1/2"1 LbLT-C Curve-OM-CG10mm (Flex Eyes)$89.60Buy Online
DACR12213"12 1/2"1 1/2 LbsLT-S Curve-OM-CG12mm (Flex Eyes)$89.60Buy Online
DACR13415"13 1/2"1 3/4 LbsLT-C Curve-OM-CG12mm (Flex Eyes)$89.60Buy Online
DACR1715 1/2"13"2 LbsRT-S Curve-OM-CG14mm (Flex Eyes)$112.05Buy Online
DACR14418"15 1/2"4 LbsRT-S Curve-OM-CG14mm (Flex Eyes)$112.05Buy Online