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McKenzie Supply 2014 Inventory Dates

Crappie Reproductions

Crappie Reproductions by Dennis Arp
No more sanding and grinding ugly seams. The Original Dennis Arp Fish Reproductions come ready to attach the semi-rigid fins and paint. The quality of the casting and the ease of assembly make Arp Reproductions the premier choice.

    • No flashing to trim.
    • 30 min. prep time and they are ready to paint.
    • Excellent symmetry - no flat sides.
    • Thin, transparent, semi-rigid fins.
    • Complete detail - no mouth to recreate.
    • Lightweight

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  Item # Length
DACR13113 1/2"11 1/2"1 LbLT-C Curve-OM-CG10mm (Flex Eyes)$87.85Buy Online
DACR12213"12 1/2"1 1/2 LbsLT-S Curve-OM-CG12mm (Flex Eyes)$87.85Buy Online
DACR13415"13 1/2"1 3/4 LbsLT-C Curve-OM-CG12mm (Flex Eyes)$87.85Buy Online
DACR1715 1/2"13"2 LbsRT-S Curve-OM-CG14mm (Flex Eyes)$109.85Buy Online
DACR14418"15 1/2"4 LbsRT-S Curve-OM-CG14mm (Flex Eyes)$109.85Buy Online