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McKenzie Squirrels

Life-Size Squirrel Forms by McKenzie

McKenzie's squirrel forms are accurate and offered in popular sizes and characteristic poses. These squirrel forms are manufactured without wires in the legs. The black bubble eye is an excellent choice for Squirrels.

The habitat areas vary for squirrels, McKenzie offers artificial bark slabs, tree stumps and pre-finished habitat bases that are ready to use right out of the box!

Note: For accurate measurement of girth and length, carcass should be skinned and posed in position when measurement is taken.

  Item # CDPositionEye
GSQ-36 5/8"7 1/4"Lying on Belly, RT12mmHB$24.35Buy Online
SQ-96"6 1/2"Sitting with Nut, RT9mmHB$22.00Buy Online
SQ-344 3/4"7"Hanging, STR9mmHB$22.00Buy Online
SQ-114 3/4"7 5/8"Climbing Up, RT10mmHB$22.00Buy Online
SQ-106"8 3/4"Climbing Up, RT10mmHB$22.65Buy Online
SQ-206 3/4"9"Leaping, STR10mmHB$23.00Buy Online
SQ-266"9"Climbing Down, STR10mmHB$23.00Buy Online
SQ-286 3/4"9"Hanging, Holding Nut, STR10mmHB$23.00Buy Online
SQ-126 3/4"9 1/2"Climbing Down, RT11mmHB$23.00Buy Online
SQ-138"9 3/4"Sitting, Eating Nut11mmHB$23.00Buy Online
SQ-146 3/4"10"Climbing Up, RT11mmHB$23.00Buy Online
SQ-228 1/2"10 1/2"Sitting on Four Feet, RT11mmHB$23.30Buy Online
SQ-157 1/4"10 3/4"Standing on Hind Feet, RT11mmHB$24.30Buy Online
SQ-237"11"Hanging, Holding Nut, STR12mmHB$24.30Buy Online
SQ-258"11"Sitting, Holding Nut, STR11mmHB$24.30Buy Online
SQ-168 1/4"11 1/4"Climbing Down, STR12mmHB$24.30Buy Online
SQ-297 3/4"12"Standing Upright, STR12mmHB$24.60Buy Online
SQ-309 3/4"12"Sitting on Four Feet, RT12mmHB$24.60Buy Online
SQ-318 3/4"12"Lying on Limb, RT12mmHB$24.60Buy Online
SQ-248"12 1/4"Climbing Up, RT12mmHB$24.60Buy Online
SQ-1711 3/4"12 1/2"Sitting, Holding Nut, RT12mmHB$24.60Buy Online
SQ-198 1/2"13"Walking, RT12mmHB$24.60Buy Online
SQ-328 1/4"13"Climbing Down, STR12mmHB$24.60Buy Online
SQ-189"14"Climbing Up, LT12mmHB$25.30Buy Online
SQ-2110 1/2"14"Standing Upright, STR, Holding Nut, CM12mmHB$25.55Buy Online
SQ-279"14"Standing Upright, RT12mmHB$25.55Buy Online