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North American Rugshell Forms

North American rugshells are offered in wide selection of sizes and species. Many of the forms are offered with the innovative Cast Lip and Nose System. (Look for the CL following the form number).

A large selection of Rug Making Supplies are available for finishing your rugshell.

View: How To Measure For Rugshells

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Badger Rugshells
  Black Bear Rugshells
  Grizzly Bear Rugshells
Polar Bear Rugshells
  Bobcat Rugshells
  Coyote Rugshells
Wild Boar Rugshells
  Gray Fox Rugshells
  Red Fox Rugshells
Javelina Rugshells
  Mountain Lion Rugshells
  Raccoon Rugshells
Wolf Rugshells
  Wolverine Rugshells