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How To Use the Quick-Set Eye Tool

One of the best time saving ideas to come along in quite a while. Designed by Erich Carter (who also brought you the Quick-Canal Ear Tool) with eye shapes developed by award-winning taxidermist and judge Bill Lancaster, this tool solves the problem of creating symmetrical and properly shaped eyelids in most commonly mounted species. Just place the end of the tool against the glass eye (the ends are clearly marked for left and right eyes), and press the clay to meet the edges of the guide. After mounting the skin, repeat the process and adjust the eyelids to match the shape. It saves time, ensures symmetry, and is especially helpful for learning correct anatomy.

Step 1: Install the eye in the mannikin with clay. A roll of clay is used to form the eyelids.

Step 2: Place the end of the Quick-Set Eye Tool on the glass eye and push the clay to match the edges.

Step 3: After mounting, repeat the procedure to adjust the eyelid skin and lashes for perfectly shaped eyes.

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