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Taxidermy Wall Art

Inspired by European and African artisans, these new Taxidermy Wall Art pieces create a completely new offering for your clients. The high relief design of these pieces does not protrude into a room, making them extremely versatile for your customer. The design invokes a piece of art that more resembles a painting.

Viewed at the Safari Club International convention, big game (and especially African) hunters loved this concept. Traditional taxidermy methods are used but there are some distinct differences in preparing the hide and mounting, due primarily to the high relief, which is markedly different from a traditional mount.

The initial offering of Taxidermy Wall Art includes five commonly taken African species. Introduce these to your clients and see the excitement of their response!

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by McKenzie
Taxidermy Wall Art, Giraffe
33 1/2 x 103 x 17

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by McKenzie
Taxidermy Wall Art, Impala
20 1/2 x 29 1/2 x 7

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by McKenzie
Taxidermy Wall Art, Kudu
25 1/2 x 29 x 11 1/2

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by McKenzie
Taxidermy Wall Art, Wildebeest
25 1/2 x 49 x 9

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by McKenzie
Taxidermy Wall Art, Zebra
24 x 49 x 12 1/2

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by McKenzie
Taxidermy Wall Art, Gemsbok
25 1/2 x 49 x 9

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