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Tohickon Whitetail Deer Glass Eyes

Tohickon deer eyes are offered in a variety of popular styles and a variety of sizes. Glass eyes feature a dark brown oval pupil. May also be used for Blacktail Deer, Coues Deer, Mule Deer, Moose, Buffalo, and Longhorn Steer. Sold per pair.

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Tohickon Pre - Rotated Eyes
  Tohickon Aspheric Eyes
  Tohickon 165 C/C Eyes
Tohickon 250 IQ Eyes
  Tohickon Meder IQ Eyes
  Tohickon Op - Tech Eyes
Tohickon Op - Tech FL Eyes
  Tohickon Brite - Tech Eyes
  Tohickon 165 C/C Albino Eyes
Tohickon Aspheric Albino Eyes
  Tohickon 165 C/C Fawn Eyes