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Van Dyke's Reptile Eyes

The most realistic reptile eye series available!

The glass eyes are manufactured in house by Van Dyke's staff with the finest quality glass available. Van Dyke's Alligator glass eyes feature a flat backed lens with a slit pupil. The eyes feature a red brown outer edge with red brown flecks blending into a bright green iris. The RV series of reptile glass eyes feature a concave/convex lens with a black pupil available in slit, oval or round. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

McKenzie offers a full selection of snake forms and display options.

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RVSP Slit Pupil Eyes
  RVRP Round Pupil Eyes
  RVOP Oval Pupil Eyes
Competition Snake Eyes
  White Banded Competition Eyes
  Alligator Eyes
Crocodile Eyes