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Whitetail Shoulder Kit - Right Turn

Whitetail Shoulder Kit - Right Turn - WASCO

The Ultimate Taxidermy Kits!

Sallie Dahmes has assembled the most comprehensive Whitetail Deer mounting kits which contain everything necessary to produce a beautiful trophy shoulder mount deer.The materials are of the highest quality to guarantee success even with your first attempt at gamehead taxidermy. Each shoulder mount kit includes a top quality Sportsman Series Whitetail mannikin and all the necessary supplies. WASCO shoulder kits ship from our North Carolina Distribution Center only.

  Item # DescriptionHeadNeckPostitionNCOPrice  
HK60SD119Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit6 1/2"15"Right Turn, UprightYes$105.20Buy Online
HK60SD121Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit6 1/2"16"Right Turn, UprightYes$105.20Buy Online
HK60SD131Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit6 1/2"17"Right Turn, UprightYes$105.20Buy Online
HK60SD149Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit6 3/4"17"Right Turn, UprightYes$105.20Buy Online
HK60SD449Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit6 3/4"17"Right Turn, DroopYes$105.20Buy Online
HK60SD151Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit6 3/4"18"Right Turn, UprightYes$106.60Buy Online
HK60SD451Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit6 3/4"17 1/2"Right Turn, DroopYes$106.60Buy Online
HK60SD453Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit6 3/4"18"Right Turn, DroopYes$106.60Buy Online
HK61SD161Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit6 3/4"19"Right Turn, UprightYes$107.90Buy Online
HK60SD169Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7"17"Right Turn, UprightYes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD171Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7"18"Right Turn, Upright - Narrow FaceYes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD471Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7"18"Right Turn, Droop Yes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD473Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7"18 1/2"Right Turn, Droop Yes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD475Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7"19"Right Turn, Droop Yes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD181Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7"19"Right Turn, Upright - Narrow FaceYes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD183Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7"19"Right Turn, UprightYes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD185Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7"20"Right Turn, UprightYes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD491Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit71/4"18 1/2"Right Turn, DroopYes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD493Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit71/4"19"Right Turn, DroopYes$107.90Buy Online
HK61SD495Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit71/4"20"Right Turn, DroopYes$109.30Buy Online
HK61SD187Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit71/4"20"Right Turn, UprightYes$109.30Buy Online
HK61SD211Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit71/4"21"Right Turn, UprightYes$110.60Buy Online
HK61SD213Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit71/4"22"Right Turn, UprightYes$110.60Buy Online
HK61SD191Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7 1/2"20"Right Turn, UprightYes$110.60Buy Online
HK61SD201Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7 1/2"21"Right Turn, UprightYes$111.95Buy Online
HK61SD221Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7 1/2"22"Right Turn, UprightYes$111.95Buy Online
HK61SD223Whitetail Shoulder Mount Kit7 1/2"23"Right Turn, UprightYes$111.95Buy Online