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How-To Courses

Technical support has always been an integral part of McKenzie Customer Service. We understand that unless you know how to use a product you may never know its full potential.

We also are aware that in the ever-changing world of taxidermy there are new innovative products and techniques being developed constantly. To aid you in keeping your knowledge current and complete, we are offering a wide range of instruction courses on our site.

Visit our "Instruction" link often for review or to learn more as new courses are added. E-mail us if you have instruction you would like to see. We will do our best to get it online for you.

Product Instructions

Shoulder Mounts and General Instructions




Noses, Jaws and Septums



Reassembling/Altering Forms

  • Reassembling Cut Forms     The right way to reassemble forms that have been sectioned for shipping.
  • Bear Change-Out Heads      A custom fit can be achieved easily using McKenzie change-out heads.
  • Winter Warrior     How Scott Brewer altered a form to create a Bruchac Award winner.

Life-Size Mammal