4900 Series Full Sneak Wall Pedestals

Dennis Behn's Full Sneak 4900 Series Wall Pedestal


The 6900 Series has been a huge hit! Our customers love it, and your customers love it!

We’ve added a full sneak wall pedestal series. Dennis Behn's new 4900 Series features everything you love in the 6900 Semi-Sneak, but in a full sneak wall pedestal.

Just the answer when a low ceiling presents an antler clearance issue!

  Item # ABCDTurnEyePrice  
49WP-7020R7201922RTM32AS/PR$79.95Buy Online
49WP-7020L7201922LTM32AS/PR$79.95Buy Online
49WP-7021R72119 1/223RTM32AS/PR$81.15Buy Online
49WP-7021L72119 1/223LTM32AS/PR$81.15Buy Online
49WP-7121R7 1/4212023RTM32AS/PR$81.15Buy Online
49WP-7121L7 1/4212023LTM32AS/PR$81.15Buy Online
49WP-7122R7 1/42220 1/224RTM32AS/PR$81.95Buy Online
49WP-7122L7 1/42220 1/224LTM32AS/PR$81.95Buy Online
49WP-7221R7 1/2212023RTM32AS/PR$81.15Buy Online
49WP-7221L7 1/2212023LTM32AS/PR$81.15Buy Online
49WP-7222R7 1/22220 1/224RTM32AS/PR$81.95Buy Online
49WP-7222L7 1/22220 1/224LTM32AS/PR$81.95Buy Online
49WP-7223R7 1/2232125RTM32AS/PR$83.60Buy Online
49WP-7223L7 1/2232125LTM32AS/PR$83.60Buy Online
49WP-7324R7 3/4242226RTM32AS/PR$84.60Buy Online
49WP-7324L7 3/4242226LTM32AS/PR$84.60Buy Online