8100 Series Semi-Upright

8100 Series Semi-Upright - Whitetail


Perfect for mature bucks with smaller frames.

Not all deer are big framed northern tier deer. Southern and Eastern deer often have smaller frames and thinner faces, yet can show impressive necks. In the 6300 series, Dennis Behn has captured these characteristics offering the “Mature Buck” swell on a smaller frame. The 6300 has been so well received, we have now expanded it into a Semi-Upright option, which is now known as the 8100 Series. This new alternative form will add to your creative possibilities for mounting on these distinctive deer. A Free McKenzie hanger is included.

Add dimension to your mount with a McKenzie Wall Habitat® and your choice of realistic habitat materials.

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View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

Mount by Adam Barton

  Item # ABTurnEye
81-7018L718LT32mmAS/PR1720$81.95Buy Online
81-7018R718RT32mmAS/PR1720$81.95Buy Online
81-7019L719LT32mmAS/PR17 1/221$83.50Buy Online
81-7019R719RT32mmAS/PR17 1/221$83.50Buy Online
81-7020L720LT32mmAS/PR1822$84.60Buy Online
81-7020R720RT32mmAS/PR1822$84.60Buy Online
81-7021L721LT32mmAS/PR18 1/223$86.25Buy Online
81-7021R721RT32mmAS/PR18 1/223$86.25Buy Online
81-7120L7 1/420LT32mmAS/PR1822$84.60Buy Online
81-7120R7 1/420RT32mmAS/PR1822$84.60Buy Online
81-7121L7 1/421LT32mmAS/PR18 1/223$86.25Buy Online
81-7121R7 1/421RT32mmAS/PR18 1/223$86.25Buy Online
81-7220L7 1/220LT32mmAS/PR1822$84.60Buy Online
81-7220R7 1/220RT32mmAS/PR1822$84.60Buy Online
81-7221L7 1/221LT32mmAS/PR18 1/223$86.25Buy Online
81-7221R7 1/221RT32mmAS/PR18 1/223$86.25Buy Online