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9800 Series Upright

Whitetail Wall Pedestals 9800 Series by Matt Thompson

Unique, Exciting and Beautiful are words used to describe Dennis Behn's 9800 Series. Designed to allow the taxidermist to create the look of a pedestal mount while still hanging it conventionally on the wall. The positive-set eye sockets, versatile-set ear butts and antler base allow for easy mounting. Bring your mount to life with our realistic looking Whitetail glass eyes.


    • Unique Concept

    • Offered in Right and Left Turns

    • Positive-Set Eye Sockets and Antler Base

    • Versatile-Set Ear Butts

We are excited to introduce our Whitetail Savings Club. In summary, the more whitetail shoulder mannikins you buy, the more you save on freight! The complete details can be viewed by clicking the link for the Whitetail Savings Club.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # Neck
98-6216RFull Pre-Rut6 1/2"16"15 1/2"18"RTM28AS$69.90Buy Online
98-6216LFull Pre-Rut 6 1/2"16"15 1/2"18"LTM28AS$69.90Buy Online
98-6217RLight Swell6 1/2"17"16"19"RTM28AS$71.60Buy Online
98-6217LLight Swell6 1/2"17"16"19"LTM28AS$71.60Buy Online
98-6218RMedium Swell6 1/2"18"16 1/2"20 1/2"RTM28AS$73.15Buy Online
98-6218LMedium Swell6 1/2"18"16 1/2"20 1/2"LTM28AS$73.15Buy Online
98-6318RLight Swell6 3/4"18"17"20 1/2"RTM30AS - M30PR$73.15Buy Online
98-6318LLight Swell6 3/4"18"17"20 1/2"LTM30AS - M30PR$73.15Buy Online
98-6319RMedium Swell6 3/4"19"17 1/2"21 1/2"RTM30AS - M30PR$74.95Buy Online
98-6319LMedium Swell6 3/4"19"17 1/2"21 1/2"LTM30AS - M30PR$74.95Buy Online
98-6320RFull Swell6 3/4"20"18"22 1/2"RTM30AS - M30PR$75.95Buy Online
98-6320LFull Swell6 3/4"20"18"22 1/2"LTM30AS - M30PR$75.95Buy Online
98-7017RPre-Rut7"17"16 1/2"18 1/2"RTM30AS - M30PR$71.60Buy Online
98-7017LPre-Rut7"17"16 1/2"18 1/2"LTM30AS - M30PR$71.60Buy Online
98-7018RFull Pre-Rut7"18"17 1/2"20"RTM30AS - M30PR$73.15Buy Online
98-7018LFull Pre-Rut7"18"17 1/2"20"LTM30AS - M30PR$73.15Buy Online
98-7019RLight Swell7"19"18"21 1/2"RTM30AS - M30PR$74.95Buy Online
98-7019LLight Swell7"19"18"21 1/2"LTM30AS - M30PR$74.95Buy Online
98-7020RMedium Swell7"20"18 1/2"22 1/2"RTM30AS - M30PR$75.95Buy Online
98-7020LMedium Swell7"20"18 1/2"22 1/2"LTM30AS - M30PR$75.95Buy Online
98-7021RFull Swell7"21"19"23 1/2"RTM30AS - M30PR$77.50Buy Online
98-7021LFull Swell7"21"19"23 1/2"LTM30AS - M30PR$77.50Buy Online
98-7119RFull Pre-Rut7 1/4"19"18 1/2"22 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$74.95Buy Online
98-7119LFull Pre-Rut7 1/4"19"18 1/2"22 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$74.95Buy Online
98-7120RLight Swell7 1/4"20"19"22 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$75.95Buy Online
98-7120LLight Swell7 1/4"20"19"22 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$75.95Buy Online
98-7121RMedium Swell7 1/4"21"19 1/2"23 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$77.50Buy Online
98-7121LMedium Swell7 1/4"21"19 1/2"23 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$77.50Buy Online
98-7122RFull Swell7 1/4"22"20"24 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$78.95Buy Online
98-7122LFull Swell7 1/4"22"20"24 1/2"LTM30-32AS/PR$78.95Buy Online
98-7221RLIght Swell7 1/2"21"20"23 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$77.50Buy Online
98-7221LLight Swell7 1/2"21"20"23 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$77.50Buy Online
98-7222RMedium Swell7 1/2"22"20 1/2"24 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$78.95Buy Online
98-7222LMedium Swell7 1/2"22"20 1/2"24 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$78.95Buy Online
98-7223RFull Swell7 1/2"23"21"25 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$79.95Buy Online
98-7223LFull Swell7 1/2"23"21"25 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$79.95Buy Online
98-7323RMedium Swell7 3/4"23"21 1/2"25 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$79.95Buy Online
98-7323LMedium Swell7 3/4"23"21 1/2"25 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$79.95Buy Online
98-7324RFull Swell7 3/4"24"22"26 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$80.95Buy Online
98-7324LFull Swell7 3/4"24"22"26 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$80.95Buy Online
98-8024RMedium Swell8"24"22"27 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$80.95Buy Online
98-8024LMedium Swell8"24"22"27 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$80.95Buy Online
98-8025RFull Swell8"25"23"27 1/2"RTM32AS - M32PR$81.95Buy Online
98-8025LFull Swell8"25"23"27 1/2"LTM32AS - M32PR$81.95Buy Online