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African / Exotic Cross Reference Chart

Species Eye Size Color     Species Eye Size Color
Addax 32-34mm Light Deer     Gazelle 30-32mm Antelope
Aoudad 30-34mm Dk. Sheep     Ibex 30-32mm Lt. Sheep
Axis 30-32mm Med. Deer     Impala 30-32mm Med. Deer
Baboon 18mm Boar     Jackal 16mm Antelope
Barasingha 32-34mm Lt. Deer     Klipspringer 20-24mm Antelope
Blackbuck 28-30mm Antelope     Lechwe 32-34mm Antelope
Black Gnu 32-36mm Wildebeest     Moose 38-40mm Antelope
Blesbok 32-36mm Hartebeest     Mouflon 28-32mm Light Sheep
Bongo 34-36mm Dk. Sheep     Mt. Reedbuck 26-28mm Antelope
Bontebok 30-36mm Hartebeest     Muntjac 20mm Antelope
Bushbuck 30-32mm Antelope     Nilgai 34-36mm Hartebeest
Cape Buffalo 34-40mm Med. Deer     Nyala 32-34mm Hartebeest
Catalina Goat 24-28mm Dk. Sheep     Oribi 24-28mm Antelope
Common Reedbuck 32mm Antelope     Red Stag 28-34mm Elk
Corsican 28-32mm Dk. Sheep     Rhinoceros 30-32mm Elephant
Chamois 28-30mm Antelope     Roe Deer 24-28mm Antelope
Dassie 12mm Black     Sable 34-36mm Hartebeest
Dik Dik 20-24mm Antelope     Scimitar Oryx 28-32mm Med. Deer
Duiker 18-28mm Antelope     Sika 28-32mm Antelope
Eland 36-38mm Antelope     Springbuck 28-32mm Antelope

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