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African Lion Change-Out Heads

African Lion Change-Out Heads

McKenzie offers African Lion change-out heads in a variety of sizes. Now you can update your form as you choose. Change-out heads are sold separately; not sold in exchange for the head sculpted for the form. Add realism to your mount with our premium quality African Lion glass eyes. (Measurements are in inches).

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  Item # AWLMouthEye
AFL-84069 1/214Closed32mmAFL$64.15Buy Online
AFL-841-OM69 1/214Open32mmAFLM1187F$77.10Buy Online
AFL-840-PA6 3/41015 1/2Panting32mmAFLM1174F$77.10Buy Online
AFL-8506 3/41016 1/4Closed32mmAFL$64.15Buy Online
AFL-851-OM6 3/41016 1/4Open32mmAFLM1187F$77.10Buy Online
AFL-850-PA7 1/410 3/417Panting32mmAFLM1187F$77.10Buy Online
ALH171216Closed32mmAFL$62.60Buy Online
ALH26 1/41116Closed32mmAFL$62.60Buy Online
AFL-8375 1/28 1/413Closed28mmAFL$62.40Buy Online