Life-Size Alligator Forms


Alligator forms created by expert Curt Bossie range from 3 feet to over 13 feet in walking, standing or swimming poses. Alligator Back Shells are an option for mounting Alligator heads. Complete your Alligator mount with premium quality Alligator Glass Eyes.

Mount by Curt Bossie

  Item # CutMeasurementPostiionEye
GBA30Yes3' Length x Girth 13 1/4 InchStanding, LT10mm$273.30Buy Online
GBA40Yes4' Length x Girth 16 1/2 InchStanding, LT12mm$356.15Buy Online
GBA50Yes5' Length x Girth 18 1/4 InchStanding, LT14mm$405.80Buy Online
GBA61 6' Length x Girth 22 InchHolding Tray, RT16mm$538.45Buy Online
GBA60 6' Length x Girth 23 3/4 InchStanding, LT16mm$488.70Buy Online
GBA70 7' Length x Girth 28 1/2 InchStanding, Slight RT18mm$571.60Buy Online
GBA81 8' Length x Girth 30 1/2 InchSwimming18mm$654.30Buy Online
GBA80Yes8' Length x Girth 31 InchStanding, LT18mm$654.30Buy Online
GTR202LSYes8' Length x Girth 33 InchLying Down, Slight RT18mm$788.40Buy Online
GBA92Yes9' 3 Inch Length x Girth 42 InchSwimming22mm$745.40Buy Online
GBA93Yes9' 3 Inch Length x Girth 41 InchStanding, Slight LT22mm$745.40Buy Online
GAT-95Yes9 1/2' Length x Girth 39 InchLying Down, Slight LT22mm$790.60Buy Online
GBA99Yes9' 9 Inch Length x Girth 41 1/2 InchStanding, LT22mm$786.85Buy Online
GBA102Yes10' 3 Inch Length x Girth 40 1/2 InchSwimming24mm$820.05Buy Online
GBA103Yes10' 3 Inch Length x Girth 42 1/2 InchStanding, RT24mm$820.05Buy Online
GBA110Yes11' Length x Girth 51 1/2 InchSwimming26mm$869.70Buy Online
GBA113Yes11' 3 Inch Length x Girth 52 InchStanding, LT26mm$869.70Buy Online
GTR400LSYes11' 6 Inch Length x Girth 57 InchStanding, STR26mm$937.80Buy Online
GBA120Yes12' Length x Girth 52 InchSwimming28mm$985.50Buy Online
GBA123Yes12' 3 Inch Length x Girth 55 1/2 InchStanding, LT28mm$985.50Buy Online
GTR502LSYes13' Length x Girth 62 InchLying Down, Slight RT30mm$1,065.65Buy Online
GBA133Yes13' 3 Inch Length x Girth 60 1/2 InchLying Down, Slight LT30mm$1,035.40Buy Online
GTRSWIMYes11' 6" Length x 54" GirthSwimming26MM$985.50Buy Online