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Aoudad Sheep - Half Life - Size

Half Life-Size Aoudad Sheep

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply offers a variety of half life-size and life-size Aoudad Sheep forms in popular sizes and action poses.

A large selection of wood bases and realistic looking artificial rock bases are available to add interest and dimension to your mount.

View: How To Measure For Half Life-Size Forms.

Mount by Highland Lakes Taxidermy

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
540Yes92244 1/2Standing, STR, CM32mmAO$244.75Buy Online
AO278/5 8 3/42145Walking Downhill, STR, CM30mmAO$322.00Buy Online
AD-R1-1/2 9"24 1/4"49"Charging, Head Up, RT, CM34mmAOYes$369.50Buy Online
AO201/5 9 1/422Standing, LT, CM32mmAO$299.10Buy Online
AO251/5 9 1/422Offset LT, CM32mmAO$325.00Buy Online
AO-1790/5 9 1/424Upright, STR32mmAO$293.70Buy Online
AO-1791/5 9 1/224Upright, RT32mmAO$293.70Buy Online
AO-1792/5 9 1/224Upright, LT32mmAO$293.70Buy Online
AO152/5 8 3/419 1/2Standing, RT, OM30mmAO$287.20Buy Online