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Arp 3-D System

Easiest to use - Most accurate fish system!

Simply glue the fins in the slots, epoxy the joint and it's ready to paint in minutes!

The inner mouth and gill have excellent detail with no shrinkage!

The natural colored gills can be glued in place after most of the painting is complete.

  • No Seams!

  • No Grinding!

  • Pre-Slotted Fins!

  • 3D Pedestal Quality.

  • In Stock and Ready To Ship!

How To Measure

The length measurement on a reproduction fish will vary depending on the position it is in. Your customer should be aware that once a 24" fish is placed in an action pose and casted, it will not measure 24" on the show side (or inside curve). If you will measure the same fish on the back side, you will see it is longer than 24". Generally a 24" fish will measure about 23" on the inside curve or front side and about 25" or more on the back side.

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