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Artificial Tails

Artificial Flexible Tails

Don't waste valuable time wrapping tails with cotton or excelsior. In the first place, it takes forever to wrap one, but even worse without exception a wrapped tail is not even close to being anatomically accurate! Mounting a skin over an anatomically inaccurate tail will ruin its looks. Mount one over an Accu-Flex Tail and it's right at home! Accu-Flex Mammal Tails are extremely accurate and technical recreations of actual tails. It's easy to get beautiful, fluffy tails with less effort and no wasted time! All tails are made of a flexible foam with wire reinforcement to help anchor and your desired shape. (Measurements are in inches).

  Item # SpeciesLengthGirthNCOPrice  
MTL-3Mountain Lion - Leopard Tail27 1/2"6 3/4"$52.70Buy Online
AFL-TAILAfrican Lion - Leopard Tail36"11 3/4"$80.75Buy Online
BTAIL-2Beaver Tail9 5/8"4 1/8"$48.55Buy Online
BTAIL-3Beaver Tail12 1/4"5 5/8"$49.45Buy Online
BTAIL-5Beaver Tail11"6 5/8"$54.45Buy Online
OT-TAILOtter Tail16"6 1/2"$32.65Buy Online
FST-1Squirrel Tail - Single8 5/8"$4.50Buy Online
ESTSSquirrel Tails - Set of 68 5/8$19.55Buy Online
FST-2Squirrel Tail - Single9 1/2"$4.50Buy Online
ESTLSquirrel Tails - Set of 69 1/2$19.55Buy Online
TL04Gray Fox Tail153 1/2$11.90Buy Online
TL09Wolf Tail19 1/2"5 1/4"$16.20Buy Online
TL13Wolverine Tail10 1/44 3/4$13.35Buy Online
TL20Raccoon Tail (9 Lbs)11"3 1/2"$13.35Buy Online
TL21Raccoon Tail (12 Lbs)13"3 1/2"$13.35Buy Online
TL22Raccoon Tail (25 Lbs)14" 6"$14.75Buy Online
TL23Red Fox Tail173 1/2$13.35Buy Online
TL24Red Fox Tail193 3/4$13.35Buy Online
TL25Coyote Tail (Large)19"4 1/4"$16.20Buy Online
MTMuskrat Tail8 1/21 3/4$24.45Buy Online
MTL-5Mountain Lion - Leopard Tail36"9 1/8"$52.70Buy Online
TL26B.T. Prairie Dog Tail7"2 3/4"$11.10Buy Online
TL27Badger Tail (Medium)8"3"$11.10Buy Online
TL15Badger Tail (Large)8"3 1/2"$11.10Buy Online
TL11Bobcat Tail (Medium)7 1/2"2 1/2"$11.10Buy Online
TL05Red Fox Tail14 1/23 1/2$12.45Buy Online
TL10Mink Tail8"1 3/4"$11.10Buy Online
TL28Mink Tail (Large)10"2"$11.10Buy Online
TL01Mountain Lion Tail (Small)32 1/2"7"$27.25Buy Online
TL03Raccoon Tail (16 Lbs)13 1/2"5 3/4"$13.80Buy Online
TL16Ringtail Cat Tail18"3 1/2"$12.45Buy Online
TL06Fox Squirrel Tail10 1/2"2"$11.10Buy Online
TL07Gray Squirrel Tail7 1/2"2"$11.10Buy Online
TLMD30Mule Deer Tail10 1/4"4 1/4"$9.80Buy Online
MLFT-V1Mountain Lion Tail31"9 1/2"Yes$46.55Buy Online
OTV2TAOtter16"Yes$35.45Buy Online
ADFT-R1Aoudad Tail7"Yes$22.00Buy Online
TL18Abert's Squirrel Tail9 3/4"1 3/4"Yes$11.10Buy Online
TL08Coyote Tail (Medium)17 1/2"4 1/4"$15.15Buy Online
TL17Coati Mundi Tail25 1/2"5 1/4"Yes$15.15Buy Online
TLW19Weasel Tail6"1 1/4"Yes$11.10Buy Online
BTAIL-1Beaver Tail7 3/4"3 3/8"$46.95Buy Online
2-3459TAfrican Lion419 1/2$40.50Buy Online
2-3822TMountain Lion328 1/4$33.95Buy Online
2-3811TMountain Lion367 1/2$35.35Buy Online