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Artificial Tongues

  Item # SpeciesAttitudeSizeBWOPrice  
TWBMLWild Boar TongueMedium/Large$12.25Buy Online
TWBSWild Boar TongueSmall$12.25Buy Online
TWBXLWild Boar TongueExtra Large$12.25Buy Online
TWTMLWhitetail TongueLickingMedium$13.15Buy Online
TWTMRWhitetail TongueRelaxedMedium$13.15Buy Online
B5RBlack BearRestingMedium$10.90Buy Online
B5SBlack BearSnarlingMedium$10.90Buy Online
B7SBlack BearSnarlingLarge$11.00Buy Online
BJ2CWhitetail TongueChewing$18.00Buy Online
BJ2TWhitetail TongueResting$18.00Buy Online
T401Bobcat TongueMedium$4.75Buy Online
T402Bobcat TongueLarge$5.05Buy Online
T403Coyote Tongue$5.50Buy Online
T404Gray Fox Tongue$4.20Buy Online
T407Mountain Lion TongueSmall$7.95Buy Online
T408Mountain Lion TongueMedium$6.10Buy Online
T410Black Bear TongueSmall$8.25Buy Online
T411Black Bear TongueMedium$9.60Buy Online
T414African Lion Tongue$12.25Buy Online
T419Javelina Tongue$8.60Buy Online
T420Wild Boar Tongue$10.35Buy Online
T425Elk Tongue$12.90Buy Online
HIPT-3Hippo Tongue$53.60Buy Online