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Aspheric Natural Glass Eyes

Aspheric Natural Bird Eyes

These new Van Dyke's premium aspheric bird eyes have created a new standard in quality. Offered in a variety of sizes and colors that are suitable for small mammals and most birds. Van Dyke's glass eyes are created to exacting specifications for consistency and quality for each and every eye produced.

A large selection of bird forms, artificial heads and mounting supplies are available for most bird species.

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  Item # StyleColorSizePrice  
N7DBAspheric Natural Bird EyesDark Brown7mm$7.25Buy Online
N8DBAspheric Natural Bird Eyes Dark Brown8mm$7.25Buy Online
N9DBAspheric Natural Bird EyesDark Brown9mm$7.25Buy Online
N10DBAspheric Natural Bird EyesDark Brown10mm$7.25Buy Online
N11DBAspheric Natural Bird EyesDark Brown11mm$7.25Buy Online
N12DBAspheric Natural Bird EyesDark Brown12mm$7.25Buy Online
N7STRAspheric Natural Bird EyesStraw7mm$7.25Buy Online
N8STRAspheric Natural Bird EyesStraw8mm$7.25Buy Online
N9STRAspheric Natural Bird EyesStraw9mm$7.25Buy Online
N10STRAspheric Natural Bird EyesStraw10mm$7.25Buy Online
N11STRAspheric Natural Bird EyesStraw11mm$7.25Buy Online
N7RDAspheric Natural Bird EyesRed7mm$7.25Buy Online
N8RDAspheric Natural Bird EyesRed8mm$7.25Buy Online
N9RDAspheric Natural Bird EyesRed9mm$7.25Buy Online
N10RDAspheric Natural Bird EyesRed10mm$7.25Buy Online
N11RDAspheric Natural Bird EyesRed11mm$7.25Buy Online
N12RDAspheric Natural Bird EyesRed12mm$7.25Buy Online
N8HZAspheric Natural Bird EyesHazel8mm$7.25Buy Online
N9HZAspheric Natural Bird EyesHazel9mm$7.25Buy Online
N9YWAspheric Natural Bird EyesYellow9mm$7.25Buy Online
N9PYWAspheric Natural Bird EyesPale Yellow9mm$7.25Buy Online
N10PHAspheric Natural Bird EyesPheasant10mm$7.25Buy Online
N11PHAspheric Natural Bird EyesPheasant11mm$7.25Buy Online
N9SSAspheric Natural Bird EyesSurf Scoter9mm$7.25Buy Online
N7CTAspheric Natural Bird EyesCinnamon Teal7mm$7.25Buy Online