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Axis Deer Wall Pedestals

Axis Deer Wall Pedestal Forms

Axis Deer Wall Pedestals are a great option for trophy mounts! The forms are anatomically accurate and easy to mount. The McKenzie wall pedestal forms feature positive-set eye sockets and jaw.

Naugahyde is a great, inexpensive material to use when finishing the back of a wall pedestal mount. McKenzie offers a wide assortment of colors in two styles and two sizes. Another great option is our new flexible pedestal backing offered in three exciting styles.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # Add'l
AX-3411WPWall Pedestal6 1/216 1/2Upright, RTM32AS - M32PR $74.85Buy Online
AX-4451WPWall Pedestal6 1/220Upright, RTM32AS - M32PR $78.50Buy Online
AX-4452WPWall Pedestal6 1/220Upright, LTM32AS - M32PR $78.50Buy Online
AX171PWall Pedestal6 1/421LT32mmRB $88.85Buy Online
AX-3412WPWall Pedestal6 1/216 1/2Upright, LTM32AS - M32PR $74.85Buy Online
AX-3457Wall Pedestal6 1/220Upright, RTM32AS - M32PR $78.50Buy Online
AX-3458Wall Pedestal6 1/220Upright, LTM32AS - M32PR $78.50Buy Online
AXWB62Wall Pedestal6 1/219Right TurnM32AS - M32PR $67.90Buy Online
AXWB61Wall Pedestal6 1/219Left TurnM32AS - M32PR $67.90Buy Online
AXWB72Wall Pedestal6 3/421Right TurnM32AS - M32PR $71.65Buy Online
AXWB71Wall Pedestal6 3/821Left TurnM32AS - M32PR $71.65Buy Online
AX-1446WPWall Pedestal6 1/219Upright, LTM32AS - M32PR $76.00Buy Online
AX-1436WPWall Pedestal6 1/218Upright, LTM32AS - M32PR $75.25Buy Online
AX-1666WPWall Pedestal6 3/421Upright, LTM32AS - M32PR $79.30Buy Online