Item #: BB42HAB
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Black Bear Change-Out Head Relaxed Lip with Unpainted Half Mouth Cup
McKenzie offers Bear change out heads in a variety of sizes. This option allows you to change the head on the form you choose. Relaxed lip form requires a half mouth cup - included with form.
Note: Change-out heads are sold separately; not sold in exchange for the head sculpted for the form.

Note: Buckeye Bear "A" measurement reflects relaxed nose measurement. Actual form has shorter nose on open mouth forms due to snarl.

View: Using Change-Out Heads How To's

"A" Measurement :   4 3/8
"L" Measurement :   11 1/2
"W" Measurement :   6
"C" Measurement :   17 1/2
Eye Size :   14mmBR

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