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Bobcat - Challenging, Right Turn
McKenzie Supply's Brian Hendricks Bobcat Easy-Set Face System offers new, innovative and functional features. The form has a pre-installed and pre-colored artificial nose; by using the custom earliners there is no need to remove cartilage. With the Quick Eye Set, you attach the eyes to sculpted posts with clay, and align pupils. Once the eyes are positioned, slide the face piece into position and glue. The eye lid detail is pre-sculpted on the face - no need for clay or sculpting. The revolutionary new head design allows for easy hair pattern placement, and is a must for achieving an accurate Bobcat look. The rotating head and neck joint allows you to level the eyes regardless of the angle of the body. This Hendricks body is sculpted with true fluid action!

Bobcat accessories and an instructional video are available for the Bobcat Easy-Set Face System.

A :   1 3/4
C :   19
D :   31
Eye :   F20BC
Ear :   ERBC1
Base :   FHB45
Position :   Challenging, RT

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