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Life-Size Baboon Forms

McKenzie offers highly characteristic and detailed Baboon life-size forms from Precision Mannikins, KB Mannikins, Legacy Series and the McKenzie series. A variety of Baboon Pedestal Forms are also available.

A large selection of wood bases and realistic looking artificial rock bases are available to add interest and dimension to your mount.

View: How To Measure For Life-Size Forms.

Mount by Todd Rapalee

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
BBN100LS 3 1/214 1/22428 1/2Front Elevated, LT, CM14mmIrisBAB$293.45Buy Online
BAB-7-OM 4 1/21423 1/230Sitting, RT, OM14mmIrisBABM1197F$350.15Buy Online
BAB-9 4 1/223 1/232Sitting, RT, CM14mmIrisBAB$338.90Buy Online
BBN102LYes42733Standing, RT, CM14mmIrisBAB$299.10Buy Online
BBN201LYes4 1/22935Standing Uphill, LT, CM14mmIrisBAB$314.45Buy Online
BBN301LSYes53035Sitting, LT, CM14mmIrisBAB$369.80Buy Online
BBN251LSYes4 3/432 1/235 1/2Walking, LT, OM14mmIrisBABM1197F$369.80Buy Online
BABLSMYes427 1/235Front Elevated, Slight RT, OM14mmIrisBABM1197F$279.65Buy Online
BABSURYes527 1/238Standing Upright, Hands Out, CM14mmIrisBAB$279.65Buy Online
BABSIT 527 1/238Sitting, CM14mmIrisBAB$279.65Buy Online