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Barracuda Reproductions by Matt Thompson

All Matt Thompson fish reproductions require seam work, fin attachment and mouth/gill work. We make all Matt Thompson fish reproductions to order; please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment. As a general rule, fish reproductions over 55 inch must be shipped by truck.


CM = Closed Mouth CG = Closed Gill OG = Open Gill
LT = Left Turn RT = Right Turn M = Male
F = Female SCV = S-Curve (SA) = Sail Attached
H = Hook SH SH = Slight Hook FU = Fins Unattached
NDF = No Dorsal Fin SM = Spawning Male LU = Lobes Unattached
TW = Tail Walking, flapping coming out of the water TU = Tail Up

  Item # SpeciesLengthGirthPoseEye
MTBA27Barracuda27"RT - OM14mmYes$176.05Buy Online
MTBA29129"LT - OM16mm$189.20Buy Online
MTBA29229"RT - OG16mm$189.20Buy Online
MTBA3333"LT - OM18mm$215.30Buy Online
MTBA3636"LT - OM22mm$234.85Buy Online
MTBA3737"RT - OG - OM24mm$241.35Buy Online
MTBA38138"13"LT - TD - OM24mm$247.95Buy Online
MTBA38238"RT - OM24mm$247.95Buy Online
MTBA38338"RT - OG - OM24mm$247.95Buy Online
MTBA4141"LT - OM26mm$267.50Buy Online
MTBA4242"16 1/2"LT - SCV - TD - OM26mm$273.90Buy Online
MTBA44144"LT - OM28mm$287.00Buy Online
MTBA44244"RT - OG - OM28mm$287.00Buy Online
MTBA4747"LT - OM30mm$306.55Buy Online
MTBA4949"RT - OM30mm$319.65Buy Online
MTBA5353"RT - OM30mm$345.80Buy Online
MTBA5656"RT - OM30mm$365.25Buy Online