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Life-Size Beaver Forms


McKenzie offers Beaver forms from the McKenzie Series, Noonkester and Precision Mannikins in popular sizes and poses. Well known sculptors have created forms that are anatomically correct in life-like action poses unique to Beaver. Innovations incorporated into each form by the McKenzie staff make these among the easiest forms to mount requiring a minimum of alterations.

A full of selection of artificial rock bases, pre-finished habitat bases and habitat materials are available for your Beaver mounts.

View: How To Measure For Life-Size Forms.

  Item # CutACDPositionEye
BVR-V1 21822Standing, LT, OM8mmHBJBVS$101.35Buy Online
BVR-25 221 1/222Sitting, RT, CM10mmHB$107.75Buy Online
BVR-30-OM 2 1/827 1/225Gnawing, LT, OM10mmHBJBVL$131.95Buy Online
BVR-50 2 1/43432Sitting, LT, CM12mmHB$154.30Buy Online
BV102LS 2 1/23731Standing, Slight RT, CM12mmHB$117.85Buy Online
BVR-35 2 1/226 3/427Swimming, RT, CM12mmHB$133.35Buy Online
BVR-21 219 1/422Swimming, RT, CM10mmHB$107.75Buy Online
BVR-36 2 1/425 1/226 1/4Swimming, STR, CM12mmHB$133.35Buy Online