Bird Mannikins - Flex Neck

Bird Mannikins with Flexible Necks

These Sportsman Series Accu-Flex Bird Mannikins are made with rigid urethane foam in the bodies (for additional stability and more secure wiring) with pre-attached Accu-Flex flexible foam necks. These anatomically accurate mannikins clearly show the wire insertion points for perfect bird mounts every time! What's more, the price of these mannikins is less than purchasing the individual rigid bodies and flexible neck mannikins separately. Necks include pre-installed wire. Can be used with either natural skulls or artificial bird heads.

  Item # SpeciesLengthGirthNCOPrice  
FN1AGreen-Winged Teal4 1/2"6"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN2ABlue-Winged Teal5 1/4"7 1/4"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN3ACinnamon Teal5 1/2"6 1/2"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN4AWood Duck6"8 3/4"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN5APintail8 1/2"10"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN6AMallard8 1/2"11"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN7APheasant7 3/4"13 1/2"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN19APheasant7 1/4"13"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN8AWoodcock3 1/2"5 3/4"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN9ABobwhite Quail4 1/4"6 3/4"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN10ARuffed Grouse5 3/4"9 1/4"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN11AWigeon6 3/4"9 1/2"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN12ABufflehead6"9"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN13AHungarian Partridge4 1/2"8"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN14ACanvasback8 1/4"11 3/4"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN15ARedhead7 3/4"11"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN16AGadwall7 3/4"9 3/4"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN17AShoveler6 1/2"8 1/4"Yes$19.25Buy Online