Bird Mannikins - Standing

Standing Bird Mannikins

Four clearly marked insertion reference points (neck, tail, legs, and wings) are indicated on each bird mannikin. When these key points are correctly wired, the anatomy of the mount will be right. What's underneath the skin determines the outcome! All mannikins incorporate the thigh muscles. These mannikins are available in rigid urethane foam. Neck is not included.

  Item # SpeciesLengthGirthNCOPrice  
FNGT1Green-Winged Teal4 1/2"6"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNBT2Blue-Winged Teal5 1/4"7 1/4"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNCT3Cinnamon Teal5 1/2"6 1/2"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNWD4Wood Duck6"8 3/4"Yes$11.00Buy Online
S4Wood Duck7"9 1/2"Yes$11.40Buy Online
FNP5Pintail8 1/2"10"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNM6Mallard8 1/2"11"Yes$11.00Buy Online
S6Mallard8 1/4"11 1/2"Yes$11.40Buy Online
FNP7Pheasant (Large)7 3/4"13 1/2"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FN19Pheasant (Medium)7 1/4"13"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNW8Woodcock3 1/2"5 3/4"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNBW9Bobwhite Quail4 1/4"6 3/4"Yes$9.50Buy Online
S9Bobwhite Quail4"6 1/4"Yes$9.85Buy Online
FNRG10Ruffed Grouse5 3/4"9 1/4"Yes$9.50Buy Online
S24Mourning Dove3 1/2"5 1/4"Yes$9.85Buy Online
FNW11Wigeon6 3/4"9 1/2"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FN12Bufflehead6"9"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FN13Hungarian Partridge4 1/2"8"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FN14Canvasback8 1/4"11 3/4"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FN15Redhead7 3/4"11"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FN16Gadwall7 3/4"9 3/4"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FN17Shoveler6 1/2"8 1/4"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FN18Canada Goose (Medium)12 1/2"18 1/4"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN22Brant (Atlantic or Pacific)9 1/2"12 1/2"Yes$12.30Buy Online
FN23Blue - Snow Goose10 1/4"14 3/4"Yes$15.05Buy Online
SBG23Blue - Snow Goose10 1/4"14 1/2"Yes$15.50Buy Online
FN27Whistling Swan16"22"Yes$22.00Buy Online
FN28Peacock10 1/2"17"Yes$19.25Buy Online
FN29Sandhill Crane13"18"Yes$20.65Buy Online
FN30Common Crow5"8 1/2"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FN31Common Gallinule4 1/4"7"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FN32Sora Rail3 1/2"5"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FN33Capercaillie9 1/2"15"Yes$13.70Buy Online
FN34Common Eider9"14"Yes$13.70Buy Online