Bird Mannikins - Swimming

Swimming & Flying Mannikins by Frank Newmyer

These mannikins (sculpted by Frank Newmyer exclusively for WASCO) will give all bird taxidermists the added edge in creating beautifully natural swimming and flying mounts. When a duck is swimming or flying, the breast is severely flattened. This also makes the breast much broader across the front and deepens the side pockets. With this mannikin line, Frank has made this accurate look available to taxidermists everywhere. Mount your next swimming or flying duck on one of the mannikins listed below and compare it to any you've previously mounted. We guarantee you'll notice the difference!

  Item # SpeciesLengthGirthNCOPrice  
FNY10Green-Winged Teal Drake5"7"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY14Green-Winged Teal Hen5"7"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY20Blue-Winged Teal Drake5 1/2"7 1/2"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY12Blue-Winged Teal Hen5"7"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY21Cinammon Teal Drake5 1/2"7 1/2"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY13Cinnamon Teal Hen5"7"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY22Bufflehead Drake6"8"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY11Bufflehead Hen5 1/2"7 1/2"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY30Shoveler Drake6"8"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY23Shoveler Hen5 1/2"7 1/2"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY31Lesser Scaup Drake6"8"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY24Lesser Scaup Hen5 1/2"7 1/2"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY34Tree Duck Drake6"8"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY25Tree Duck Hen5 1/2"7 1/2"Yes$9.50Buy Online
FNY32Mandarin Drake6"8"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY33Mandarin Hen6"8"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY40Wood Duck Drake6 3/4"9"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY35Wood Duck Hen6"8"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY50Wigeon Drake7"10"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY41Wigeon Hen6 3/4"9"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY51Harlequin Drake7"10"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY43Harlequin Hen6 3/4"9"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY52Old Squaw Drake7"10"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY44Old Squaw Hen6 3/4"9"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY37Ringneck Duck6"8"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY42Ringneck Duck 6 3/4"9"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY60Redhead Drake7 1/2"11 1/2"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY54Redhead Hen7"10"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY61Common Goldeneye Drake7 1/2"11 1/2"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY55Common Goldeneye Hen7"10"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY62Greater Scaup Drake7 1/2"11 1/2"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY56Greater Scaup Hen7"10"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY70Gadwall Drake7 1/2"10 1/2"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY63Gadwall Hen7 1/2"11 1/2"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY80Pintail Drake8"10 1/2"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY71Pintail Hen7 1/2"10 1/4"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY90Mallard Drake8 1/2"11"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY81Mallard Hen8"10 1/2"Yes$11.00Buy Online
FNY100King Eider Drake9"12"Yes$13.70Buy Online