Boar Wall Pedestals

Noonkester Wild Boar Wall Pedestals

This line of boar wall pedestals comes directly from our razorback "NRB" series. They feature sweeping turns and increased facial detail. Available in open mouth, half open mouth or closed mouth options. Add realism to your mount with our premium quality boar glass eyes.

Features Include:

• Wall pedestal design with sweeping turns

• More detailed facial anatomy

• Anatomically accurate features (nose, eyeset, earbutts)

• Three mouth options!

• Makes for a very nice mount!

  Item # ABPositionJawsetEye
NRB-85265-CM8 1/226 1/2LT, Sweep, CM18mmIrisWBNWBM$87.30Buy Online
NRB-85265-HM8 1/226 1/2LT, Sweep, HMJWBMT18mmIrisWBNWBM$87.30Buy Online
NRB-85265-OM8 1/226 1/2LT, Sweep, OMJWBMT18mmIrisWBNWBM$87.30Buy Online
NRB-95285-CM9 1/228 1/2RT, Sweep, CM18mmIrisWBNWBM$92.30Buy Online
NRB-95285-HM9 1/228 1/2RT, Sweep, HMJWBMT18mmIrisWBNWBM$92.30Buy Online
NRB-95285-OM9 1/228 1/2RT, Sweep, OMJWBMT18mmIrisWBNWBM$92.30Buy Online
NRB-10305-CM1030 1/2LT, Sweep, CM22mmIrisWBNWBM$97.30Buy Online
NRB-10305-HM1030 1/2LT, Sweep, HMJWBLT22mmIrisWBNWBM$97.30Buy Online
NRB-10305-OM1030 1/2LT, Sweep, OMJWBLT22mmIrisWBNWBM$97.30Buy Online