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Bobcat Half Life Size

Half Life-Size Bobcat Forms

Half Life-size and life-size Bobcat forms are offered in a variety of sizes and characteristic poses. Many of the forms are available with choice of rod or wire installed. More mounting options are available with the use of Change-Out Heads.

A wide variety of display bases, realistic habitat materialsand premium quality Bobcat glass eyes are available to turn your bobcat mount from ordinary to extra ordinary!

View: How To Measure For Half Life-Size Forms. (Measurements shown are in inches).

  Item # CutACPositionEye
BC-920-OM 1 3/415 1/2Leaping, OM18mmBCM1106 / M1106F$94.85Buy Online
BC-937 1 3/415 1/2Leaping, CM18mmBC$91.10Buy Online
BC-914-OM 1 3/418Stalking, OM18mmBCM1106 / M1106F$91.10Buy Online