Bobcat Heads

Bobcat Change-Out Heads

McKenzie offers a variety of change-out heads for Bobcat. Now you can update your form as you choose. This great selection of change-out heads will increase your options. Change-out heads are sold separately; not sold in exchange for the head sculpted for the form.

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  Item # AWLMouthEye
BC-830-OM1 5/8Open16mmBCM1106$22.15Buy Online
BC-830-CL1 5/8AOM16mmBCIncluded$134.20Buy Online
BC-8311 5/8Closed16mmBC$18.25Buy Online
BC-840-OM1 3/4Open18mmBCM1106$22.15Buy Online
BC-840-CL1 3/4AOM18mmBCIncluded$134.20Buy Online
BC-8411 3/4Closed18mmBC$18.25Buy Online
BC-850-OM2Open18mmBCM1107$22.15Buy Online
BC-850-CL2AOM18mmBCIncluded$135.80Buy Online
BC-8512Closed18mmBC$18.25Buy Online
BC-8612 1/45 3/86 1/2Closed18mmBC$21.00Buy Online
BC-1245 1/2Closed18mmBC$29.80Buy Online
BC-21 1/23 1/24 3/4Closed16mmBC$29.80Buy Online
BC-VH1-OM1 1/2Open16mmBCYes$32.05Buy Online
BC-VH2-OM1 3/4Open18mmBCYes$32.05Buy Online
BC-VH3-OM2Open18mmBCYes$32.05Buy Online
BH102H1 3/4Closed18mmBCYes$28.25Buy Online