Brown Trout Heads - Male

Artificial Brown Trout Heads (Male) by Dennis Arp

Meticulously cast and sculpted by the acclaimed Dennis Arp Studios, these artificial Brown Trout heads offer a new lightweight, super strong combination of materials, superior detail and are adjustable by heating with heat guns or blow dryers. The heads feature deep eye sockets, with minimal grinding needed to accept eyes. These artificial heads are easy to use with hand-carved fish forms or commercial mannikins. They sand easily, are hollow constructed and have full mouth detail on all open - mouth mannikins.

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  Item # ABCEye
GM2154 3/8"3"2 1/4"10mmSlight Hook$19.80Buy Online
GM2014 3/4"3 1/8"2"10mmHook$21.00Buy Online
GM2054 3/4"3 1/4"2 1/2"10mmSlight Hook$21.00Buy Online
GM2075"3"2 1/2"10mmHook$21.70Buy Online
GM2045"3 1/8"2 3/4"10mmNo Hook$21.70Buy Online
GM2215 1/8"3"2 3/8"10mmLarge Hook$21.40Buy Online
GM2065 1/8"3 1/2"2 1/2"10mmNo Hook$21.70Buy Online
GM2195 1/2"3 1/4"3 3/4"12mmNo Hook$22.70Buy Online
GM2105 1/2"3 3/4"3"12mmHook$22.70Buy Online
GM2205 3/4"3 3/4"3 3/4"12mmNo Hook$22.75Buy Online
GM2135 7/8"3 3/8"2 1/2"10mmHook$23.45Buy Online
GM2026 1/8"4"2 5/8"14mmHook$24.45Buy Online
GM2166 1/8"4"3 3/8"14mmLarge Hook$24.45Buy Online
GM2086 5/8"3 3/4"3 1/4"14mmHook$26.35Buy Online
GM2096 3/4"4 1/4"3 1/4"14mmHook$26.35Buy Online
GM2186 3/4"4 1/4"3 3/8"14mmNo Hook$25.80Buy Online
GM2177 1/4"4"3"14mmLarge Hook$26.35Buy Online
GM2147 1/2"4 1/2"3 1/2"14mmHook$26.35Buy Online
GM2037 5/8"4 1/2"3 1/4"14mmLarge Hook$28.70Buy Online
GM2118 1/4"5 1/4"4 1/4"14mmLarge Hook$30.40Buy Online
GM2228 1/2"5 1/4"4"16mmOpen Mouth$32.05Buy Online
GM2129 3/4"6 1/2"5 1/4"16mmLarge Hook$36.50Buy Online
BTM0492 7/8"1 5/8"1 1/4"8mm$14.20Buy Online
BTM070HJ4 7/8"3"2 1/8"10mmHook$21.00Buy Online
BTM144HJ5 1/4"3 1/4"3"10mmHook$21.70Buy Online
BTM027HJ6"3 1/2"3 1/4"12mmHook$24.45Buy Online
BTM069HJ6 1/8"3 7/8"2 3/4"14mmHook$24.45Buy Online
BTM115HJ7 5/8"4 1/2"4"14mmHook$28.70Buy Online
BTM029HJ8"4 7/8"3 7/8"14mmHook$30.40Buy Online
BTM1719"5 1/2"5 1/4"16mm$32.45Buy Online