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Buffalo - North American Gameheads


Buffalo gameheads by Tom Weickum, John Schmidt and Noonkester are offered in popular poses and sizes. Our realistic looking Whitetail glass eyes are ideal for commercial and competition Buffalo mounts. We also offer our reproduction Buffalo horns and eye casts for setting Buffalo eyes properly. Form will be cut for shipping unless you specify otherwise.

How to Measure for Proper Fit:

A: Nose to Eye

B: Nose to Back of Skull

C: Circumference of Neck at the Head

  Item # ALCPositionEye
ABU-865012 1/420 1/232STRM36ASYes$259.40Buy Online
ABU-866012 1/220 3/435STRM36ASYes$252.55Buy Online
ABU-866212 1/220 3/435RTM36ASYes$252.55Buy Online
ABU-866112 1/220 3/435LTM36ASYes$252.55Buy Online
ABU-866612 1/220 3/435Bellowing, 90 Degree, RTM36ASYes$252.55Buy Online
ABU-86701323 1/242STRM36ASYes$274.70Buy Online
ABU-86721323 1/242RTM36ASYes$274.70Buy Online
ABU-86711323 1/242LTM36ASYes$274.70Buy Online
ABU-86801424 1/245 3/4STRM36ASYes$283.45Buy Online
ABU-86821424 1/245RTM36ASYes$283.45Buy Online
ABU-86811424 1/245LTM36ASYes$283.45Buy Online
ABU-86901424 1/248STRM36ASYes$294.45Buy Online
ABU-86921424 1/248RTM36ASYes$294.45Buy Online
ABU-86911424 1/248LTM36ASYes$294.45Buy Online
ABU-86951424 1/248Bellowing, 90 Degree, LTM36ASYes$294.45Buy Online
ABU-86961424 1/248Bellowing, 90 Degree, RTM36ASYes$294.45Buy Online
ABU-87001524 3/452STRM36ASYes$305.45Buy Online
ABU-87021524 3/452RTM36ASYes$305.45Buy Online
ABU-87011524 3/452LTM36ASYes$305.45Buy Online
ABU-87101625 1/257STRM36ASYes$317.80Buy Online
BUF-R11333 1/2STRM36ASYesYes$251.40Buy Online
BUF-R21340 1/2STRM36ASYesYes$312.55Buy Online
BUV-1448L-WP14 1/22648LTM36ASYes$313.60Buy Online
BUV-1448R-WP14 1/22648LTM38ASYes$313.60Buy Online