Cally Morris Waterfowl - Necks

Artificial Waterfowl Necks by Cally Morris

Produce a quality mount in a minimum amount of time. Waterfowl necks by Cally Morris are accurate and constructed of high quality flexible foam. Waterfowl bodies designed by Cally are available for coordinating neck.

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  Item # DescriptionPositionPrice  
BN6Wood Duck Flexible NeckStanding$13.80Buy Online
BN7Wood Duck Flexible NeckTucked Down$13.80Buy Online
BN8Wood Duck Flexible NeckFlying$13.80Buy Online
BN9Mallard Flexible NeckTucked Down$14.80Buy Online
BN10Mallard Flexible NeckFlying$14.80Buy Online
BN11Mallard Flexible NeckStanding$14.80Buy Online