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Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo - African Gameheads

McKenzie offers a large selection of Cape Buffalo gameheads and life-size Cape Buffalo forms in action poses. Form will be cut for shipping unless you specify otherwise.

Add character to your mount with a McKenzie display base and realistic looking habitat materials.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

Mount by Joe Meder

  Item # CutDescABPositionEye
CA-3410YesSafari Series11 1/437Semi-Sneak, STRM36AS$319.55Buy Online
CA-3411YesSafari Series11 1/4 37 Semi-Sneak, RTM36AS$319.55Buy Online
CA-3412YesSafari Series11 1/4 37 Semi-Sneak, LTM36AS$319.55Buy Online
CA-11YesOriginal Series11 38 Droop, LTM3AS$331.00Buy Online
CA-3420YesSafari Series11 1/4 39 Semi-Sneak, STRM36AS$340.00Buy Online
CA-3421YesSafari Series11 1/4 39 Semi-Sneak, RTM36AS$340.00Buy Online
CA-3422YesSafari Series11 1/4 39 Semi-Sneak, LTM36AS$340.00Buy Online
CA-3540YesSafari Series11 1/2 42 Semi-Sneak, STRM36AS$356.60Buy Online
CA-3541YesSafari Series11 1/2 42 Semi-Sneak, RTM36AS$356.60Buy Online
CAFP-3541YesSafari Series - Floor Pedestal11 1/242Semi-Sneak, RTM38AS$381.65Buy Online
CA-3542YesSafari Series11 1/2 42Semi-Sneak, LTM36AS$356.60Buy Online
CA-3670YesSafari Series11 3/4 45 Semi-Sneak, STRM38AS$360.90Buy Online
CA-3671YesSafari Series11 3/4 45 Semi-Sneak, RTM38AS$360.90Buy Online
CA-3672YesSafari Series11 3/4 45 Semi-Sneak, LTM38AS$360.90Buy Online
CB052Yes12 38 Semi-Droop, RTM34AS$312.15Buy Online
CB051Yes12 38 Semi-Droop, LTM34AS$312.15Buy Online
CB101PYesPedestal1240Scallop Back, RTM34AS$349.75Buy Online
CB100Yes12"42"Head High, Alert, STRM34AS$325.00Buy Online
CB302PYesPedestal1243Scallop Back, RTM34AS$349.75Buy Online
CB200Yes12 46 Low Sneak, STRM34AS$325.00Buy Online
CB202Yes12 46Low Sneak, RTM34AS$325.00Buy Online
CB201Yes12 46 Low Sneak, LTM34AS$325.00Buy Online
CB-1Yes12 1/8 44 Sneak, STRM38AS$326.95Buy Online
CB-2Yes12 1/8 45 Sneak, LTM38AS$326.95Buy Online
CB-3Yes12 1/8 45 Sneak, RTM38AS$326.95Buy Online
CB-4Yes12 1/842 Semi-Upright, LTM38AS$326.95Buy Online
CBPD-2YesPedestal12 1/844LTM38AS$326.95Buy Online
BU502PEDYesFloor Pedestal11 3/439RTM38AS$306.70Buy Online
BU501PEDYesFloor Pedestal11 3/439LTM38AS$306.70Buy Online