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Cartilage Replacement

African and Exotic Cartilage Replacement Earliners by Joe Ferebee

These great earliners are designed to replace the cartilage. Available for a wide range of North American mammals and African species. (Length and Width measurements are in inches).

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  Item # DescriptionLengthWidthPrice  
CRWH1Warthog4 1/23 1/2$14.15Buy Online
CRAX1Axis Deer54$12.85Buy Online
CRBB1Bushbuck5 3/84 1/2$12.85Buy Online
CRBK1Blackbuck4 3/42 3/8$12.85Buy Online
CRBL1Blesbok5 3/83$12.85Buy Online
CRBLW1Black Wildebeest5 1/23$15.70Buy Online
CRCB1Buffalo (Cape)9 1/48 1/2$25.60Buy Online
CRCH1Chamois4 1/22 1/2$11.25Buy Online
CRD1Gray Duiker4 1/22 3/4$11.25Buy Online
CRED1Eland8 1/84$17.00Buy Online
CRG1Gemsbok7 1/44 3/4$17.00Buy Online
CRG2Gemsbok7 1/25 1/4$17.00Buy Online
CRIM1Impala5 1/23 3/8$12.85Buy Online
CRK1Greater Kudu97 1/2$21.35Buy Online
CRKS1Klipspringer3 1/22 3/4$11.25Buy Online
CRLE1Lechwe5 1/43 3/4$15.70Buy Online
CRMR1Reedbuck (Mountain)4 7/82 7/8$12.85Buy Online
CRNG1Nilgai5 5/84 5/8$14.15Buy Online
CRNY1Nyala7 1/25 5/8$15.70Buy Online
CRO1Oribi4 1/82 5/8$12.85Buy Online
CRRB1Reedbuck (Common)6 5/83 3/8$15.70Buy Online
CRRD1Roe Deer4 3/83 1/4$10.75Buy Online
CRRH1Hartebeest (Red)6 7/83 3/4$15.70Buy Online
CRS1Sable8 3/45 3/8$17.00Buy Online
CRSB1Springbok5 1/22 3/4$12.85Buy Online
CRSO1Oryx (Scimitar-Horned)6 1/44$14.15Buy Online
CRST1Steenbok4 1/43 1/8$11.25Buy Online
CRTG1Gazelle (Thompson's)4 1/22 3/8$12.85Buy Online
CRW1Wildebeest (Blue)7 1/83 3/4$15.70Buy Online
CRWAB1Waterbuck7 1/45$17.00Buy Online
CRZ1Zebra5 3/44 3/4$14.15Buy Online