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Celastic Earliners

Celastic Earliners - African and Exotic Mammal Earliners

The McKenzie Celastic Earliners are treated material fabric that is waterproof. It is a popular earliner material because it is thin, strong and has excellent glue adhesion. The earliners come without the ear butt molded in, but the ear butt can be added with clay or mache to allow easy positioning. McKenzie Taxidermy also offers Celastic Earliners for North American mammals.

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  Item # DescriptionSizeNCOPrice  
B581Blesbok$6.70Buy Online
B582Bushbuck $7.45Buy Online
B585Gemsbok$10.70Buy Online
B586Gnu - Brindled$9.90Buy Online
B587Red Hartebeest$9.15Buy Online
B588ImpalaLarge$8.55Buy Online
B589Greater KuduMedium$17.80Buy Online
B590Oribi$6.30Buy Online
B591Reedbuck (Common)$7.50Buy Online
B592Reedbuck (Mountain)$6.05Buy Online
B593Steenbok$5.75Buy Online
B594Vaal RhebuckSmall$5.75Buy Online
B595Vaal RhebuckLarge$7.25Buy Online
B596Warthog$8.30Buy Online
B597Waterbuck$10.70Buy Online
B601Axis Deer$8.35Buy Online
B602Blackbuck$8.35Buy Online
B605Cape Buffalo$16.10Buy Online
B606Chamois$8.90Buy Online
B608Duiker$8.35Buy Online
B609Eland$10.05Buy Online
B610Fallow Deer$8.35Buy Online
B611Thompson's Gazelle$8.90Buy Online
B613Grant's Gazelle$8.35Buy Online
B616Leopard$7.25Buy Online
B619Red Lechwe$8.90Buy Online
B622Sable$8.90Buy Online
B607Sheep - Corsican$7.25Buy Online
B624Sika Deer$9.50Buy Online
B623Springbok$9.50Buy Online
B626Tahr$8.90Buy Online
B627Tsessebe$8.90Buy Online
B629Black Wildebeest$9.50Buy Online