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Chinook Salmon Sets

Chinook Salmon Sets by Mike Orthober

The Mike Orthober fish form sets offer correct anatomy, grooves for correct placement of fins, eye-catching poses and matching head for each form. With these kind of features, these fish forms will not only save you valuable time, but combined with your talent, will produce an award winning mount!

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  Item # TurnABCSexEye
S21164LSLT21 1/217 3/416F10mm$54.00Buy Online
S28200LSLT282320Either12mm$63.90Buy Online
S28204RSRT28 1/22320Either12mm$63.90Buy Online
S28212LSLT282321 1/2F14mm$66.65Buy Online
S28212RSRT282321 1/2F14mm$66.65Buy Online
S30202LSLT302520 1/2Either12mm$66.50Buy Online
S30205RSRT30 1/225 1/220 1/2Either12mm$66.50Buy Online
S30230LSLT302523F14mm$69.60Buy Online
S30230RSRT302523F14mm$69.60Buy Online
S31230LSLT3125 1/223F16mm$72.80Buy Online
S31230RSRT3125 1/223F16mm$72.80Buy Online
MOS31240LSLT312524F14mm$70.85Buy Online
MOS31242RSRT312524 1/2F16mm$72.80Buy Online
MONS31250LSLT312525F16mm$72.80Buy Online
S33264LSLT33 1/22826F18mm$74.40Buy Online
S33264RSRT33 1/22826F18mm$74.40Buy Online
S34270LSLT342826F16mm$77.55Buy Online
S34270RSRT342826F16mm$77.55Buy Online
S36273LSOMLT, Open Mouth362927 3/4F18mm$78.90Buy Online
S36273LSCMLT, Closed Mouth362927 3/4F18mm$78.90Buy Online
S36273RSOMRT, Open Mouth362927 3/4F18mm$78.90Buy Online
S36273RSCMRT, Closed Mouth362927 3/4F18mm$78.90Buy Online
S27184LSLT27 1/222 1/218F12mm$63.10Buy Online
S27184RSRT27 1/222 1/218F12mm$63.10Buy Online
S21164RSRT21 1/217 3/416F10mm$46.35Buy Online