Polytranspar™ Paint System Comparison Chart


McKenzie Taxidermy Supply offers Polytranspar™ Airbrush Paints - The Choice of Champions! Choose colors from our comprehensive palette (see the Polytranspar™ Color Chart) all of which are offered in both Water Based and Lacquer Based Systems. We have built the chart below to help you choose the paint system that works best for you!

Water-Based System
"WA" System
VS. Lacquer-Based
"FP" System
Fumes are non-toxic
(still good idea to wear respirator)
TOXICITY Fumes are hazardous.
(Use respirator and an explosion-
proof ventilation system)
Non-flammable FLAMMABILITY Flammable. Keep away from
open flame, sparks or heat
Full-color selection
(same as lacquer-based)
COLOR SELECTION Full color selection
(same as water-based)
Somewhat higher gloss
than lacquer-based
GLOSS Very high gloss
Colors: 5 to 20 minutes.
Gloss coats (thumb-print free):
DRYING TIME Colors: 5 to 20 minutes.
Gloss coats (thumb-print free):
Totally chemically compatible
with "WA" system
COMPATIBILITY Totally chemically compatible
with "FP" System
Water, isopropyl alcohol or Windex CLEAN-UP Lacquer thinner or acetone
May be applied on top of
lacquer-based paint
BONDING May be applied on top of
water-based paint only if WA
paint is completely dry
Not overly susceptible to evaporation.
Water may be added to reconstitute
EVAPORATION More likely to evaporate. Lacquer thinner
may be added to reconstitute
Must not freeze - freezing will ruin paint FREEZE / THAW Not susceptible to freezing

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