Coues Deer

Coues Deer - North American Gameheads

Available in the sneak, semi-sneak and upright positions, these Coues Deer forms have the great detailing and accuracy you expect from a Dennis Behn sculpted mannikin. Positive-set eye sockets and antler base along with the versatile-set ear butts are features incorportated into each form to ensure accurate, trouble-free mounting. A FREE McKenzie hanger is included with each gamehead.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # ABPositionEye
CS-1506 15 Upright, STRM28AS$76.00Buy Online
CS-1516 15 Upright, RTM28AS$76.00Buy Online
CS-1526 15 Upright, LTM28AS$76.00Buy Online
CS-65335 3/4 13 Semi-Sneak, Offset, RTM28AS$73.10Buy Online
CS-65345 3/4 13 Semi-Sneak, Offset, LT28mmWT$73.10Buy Online
CS-66435 3/4 14 Semi-Sneak Offset, RT28mmWT$75.40Buy Online
CS-66445 3/4 14 Semi-Sneak Offset, LT28mmWT$75.40Buy Online
CS-66536 15 Semi-Sneak Offset, RT28mmWT$76.00Buy Online
CS-66546 15 Semi-Sneak Offset, LT28mmWT$76.00Buy Online
CS-66636 16 Semi-Sneak Offset, RT28mmWT$78.15Buy Online
CS-66646 16 Semi-Sneak Offset, LT28mmWT$78.15Buy Online
CS-67736 1/4 17 Semi-Sneak Offset, RT28mmWT$79.60Buy Online
CS-67746 1/4 17 Semi-Sneak Offset, LT28mmWT$79.60Buy Online
CS-1546 15 Semi-Sneak, RTM28AS$76.00Buy Online
CS-1556 15 Semi-Sneak, LTM28AS$76.00Buy Online
CS-1576 15 Sneak, RTM28AS$76.00Buy Online
CS-1586 15 Sneak, LTM28AS$76.00Buy Online
CS-96516 15 RTM28AS$76.00Buy Online
CS-6646614 Semi-Sneak, Head Down, LT28mmWT$75.40Buy Online