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Coyote Half Life Size

Half Life-Size Coyote Forms

With Coyotes being one of the most populated varmints in the country they have become one of the most mounted mammals. McKenzie offers half life-size and life-size Coyote forms in characteristic poses and a variety of sizes.

Add realism to your mount with our realistic looking Coyote glass eyes and an impressive wood pedestal, artificial pedestal rock or a McKenzie Pre-Finished Habitat Base.

View: How To Measure For Half For Life-Size Forms.

  Item # CutACPositionEye
CY-903 3 3/419 1/4Standing, RT, CM16mmCY$118.55Buy Online
CY102/5 419 1/2Standing, RT, OM18mmCYM1108 / M1108F$96.60Buy Online
CY201/5 4 1/422Standing, LT, CM18mmCY$96.60Buy Online
CY301/5 4 1/422Howling, Slight LT, OM18mmCYM1108 / M1108F$96.60Buy Online
CY-301/5-CL 4 1/422Howling, Slight LT, OM18mmCYIncluded$214.50Buy Online
CY-911 4 1/423 3/4Standing, RT, CM18mmCY$133.80Buy Online