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Cutthroat Trout Reproductions

Cutthroat Trout Reproductions by Dennis Arp
No more sanding and grinding ugly seams. The Original Dennis Arp Fish Reproductions come ready to attach the semi-rigid fins and paint. The quality of the casting and the ease of assembly make Arp Reproductions the premier choice.

    • No flashing to trim.
    • 30 min. prep time and they are ready to paint.
    • Excellent symmetry - no flat sides.
    • Thin, transparent, semi-rigid fins.
    • Complete detail - no mouth to recreate.
    • Lightweight

View: Abbreviation Key

  Item # Length
DAC158"5"1/4 LbLT-S-OMCGF8mm$81.15Buy Online
DAC12711"6"1/2 LbRT-S-OMCGM8mm$86.15Buy Online
DAC12612"7"1 LbLT-S-OMCGF8mm$86.15Buy Online
DAC14115 1/29 1/2"2 LbsRT-S-OMCGF12mm$129.90Buy Online
DAC141CM15 1/29 1/2"2 LbsRT-S-CMCGF12mm$129.90Buy Online
DAC106CM16"9"1 1/2 LbsRT-S-CMCGF10mm$129.90Buy Online
DAC155F17"11"3 LbsRT-S-OMCGF10mm$134.85Buy Online
DAC155M17"11"3 LbsRT-S-OMCGM10mm$134.85Buy Online
DAC16817"8 1/4"2 LbsRT-OMCGM10mm$129.90Buy Online
DAC16717 1/2"9 1/4"2 1/2 LbsRT-OMCGF10mm$129.90Buy Online
DAC10118"9 1/2"2 LbsLT-S-OMCGM10mm$134.85Buy Online
DAC101CM18"9 1/2"2 LbsLT-S-CMOGM10mm$134.85Buy Online
DAC100CM1910 1/4"2 1/2 LbsLT-S-CMCGM12mm$134.85Buy Online
DAC100F19"10 1/4"2 1/2 LbsLT-S-OMCGF12mm$146.15Buy Online
DAC100M1910 1/4"2 1/2 LbsLT-S-OMCGM12mm$146.15Buy Online
DAC156CM21"10 1/4"3 1/2 LbsRT-S-CMCGM10mm$134.85Buy Online
DAC104CM21 1/2"11"3 1/2 LbsRT-S-CMCGM14mm$151.10Buy Online
DAC103F23"13 3/4"5 1/2 LbsRT-S-OMCGF14mm$172.40Buy Online
DAC103M23"13 3/4"5 1/2 LbsRT-S-OMCGM14mm$172.40Buy Online
DAC117F28"15 1/4"8 LbsRT-S-OMCGF16mm$198.25Buy Online
DAC117M28"15 1/4"8 LbsRT-S-OMCGM16mm$198.25Buy Online
DAC104F20 1/2"11"3 1/2 LbsRT-S-OMCGF12mm$151.10Buy Online
DAC104M20 1/211"3 1/2 LbsRT-S-OMCGM12mm$151.10Buy Online
DAC106F16"9"1 1/2 LbsRT-S-OMCGF10mm$129.90Buy Online
DAC106M16"9"1 1/2 LbsRT-S-OMCGM10mm$129.90Buy Online
DAC107F20"11 1/2"3 LbsRT-S-OMCGF12mm$151.10Buy Online
DAC107M20"11 1/2"3 LbsRT-S-OMCGM12mm$151.10Buy Online
DAC108F22"13 1/2"5 LbsRT-S-OMCGF14mm$160.85Buy Online
DAC108M22"13 1/2"5 LbsRT-S-OMCGM14mm$160.85Buy Online
DAC139F19"12"3 LbsLT-S-OMCGF12mm$146.15Buy Online
DAC139M19"12"3 LbsLT-S-OMCGM12mm$146.15Buy Online
DAC140F21"14"4 LbsRT-S-OMCGF14mm$151.10Buy Online
DAC140M21"14"4 LbsRT-S-OMCGM14mm$151.10Buy Online
DAC180F22"14 1/2"5 LbsLT-C-OMCGF14mm$172.20Buy Online
DAC180M22"14 1/2"5 LbsLT-C-OMCGM14mm$172.20Buy Online