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DC850R Air Compressor

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The DC850R Pro Series Air Compressor by Paasche is Ultra Quiet at 58Db's, and it weighs 36 lbs.  The maximum pressure of the compressor is 40-100psi (7bar).  The maximum operating pressure while spraying will vary depending on the size of the fluid tip, needle and air cap.  The motor of this compressor has a thermal overload protector.  If the motor should overheat the overload protector will shut off the motor.  If this should occur, unplug the compressor and allow the motor to cool.  (approximately 5 minutes) and restart the compressor.

3/4 HP, 110-120 volts, 60 Hz 5.5 Amps
2.4 CFM @ 40 psi.
1.5 CFM @ 90 psi.