Dennis Arp Trout Forms


Trout Forms by Dennis Arp

Dennis Arp has long been known for his outstanding reproduction fish forms but his talent doesn’t stop there. Dennis has created an exceptional line of trout forms for skin mounts. Offered in a wide range of sizes in an "S" curve position, you won’t be disappointed when you receive one of these accurate forms. (Measurements are in inches).

  Item # ABTurnPrice  
DATR186 3/8RT / S Curve$20.70Buy Online
DATR69 1/29 3/8LT / S Curve$21.30Buy Online
DATR79 3/48 1/8RT / S Curve$21.30Buy Online
DATR910 1/48 5/8LT / S Curve$22.50Buy Online
DATR1410 1/29 3/4LT / S Curve$22.50Buy Online
DATR181110LT / S Curve$22.50Buy Online
DATR1911 1/49 1/2RT / S Curve$22.50Buy Online
DATR29129 1/4LT / S Curve$23.10Buy Online
DATR30129 3/4LT / S Curve$23.10Buy Online
DATR311210LT / S Curve$23.10Buy Online
DATR3212 1/49 5/8LT / S Curve$23.10Buy Online
DATR3312 1/212 1/8LT / S Curve$23.10Buy Online
DATR3813 1/412 3/8RT / S Curve$23.95Buy Online
DATR4013 1/29 3/4LT / S Curve$23.95Buy Online
DATR4113 1/210LT / S Curve$23.95Buy Online
DATR4213 3/412 1/2RT / S Curve$23.95Buy Online
DATR431411 1/8RT / S Curve$23.95Buy Online
DATR4514 1/411 1/2RT / S Curve$24.45Buy Online
DATR4714 1/412RT / S Curve$24.45Buy Online
DATR5314 3/814 1/4RT / S Curve$23.95Buy Online
DATR5214 3/414LT / S Curve$23.95Buy Online
DATR541511RT / S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR551511 1/4RT / S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR581512 1/4RT / S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR591513 3/8RT / S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR6015 1/411 5/8LT / S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR6215 1/214 3/4RT / S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR6115 3/413 1/4RT / S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR6316 1/814 1/8RT / S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR6416 1/414 1/4RT, S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR6616 1/214 5/8RT / S Curve$27.30Buy Online
DATR6816 3/417LT / S Curve$28.10Buy Online
DATR741715RT / S Curve$28.10Buy Online
DATR751715 5/8LT / S Curve$28.10Buy Online
DATR7817 1/213 3/4RT / S Curve$28.10Buy Online
DATR8118 1/214 1/4LT / S Curve$28.10Buy Online
DATR8719 1/413 3/4RT / S Curve$28.65Buy Online
DATR962017RT / S Curve$32.00Buy Online
DATR28 1/46 3/4RT / S Curve$20.70Buy Online