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Duiker - African Gameheads

McKenzie offers a variety of Duiker gameheads and life-size Duiker forms by some of the most talented and knowledgeable taxidermists in the industry. These forms are anatomically accurate and feature outstanding detail and fit. A Free McKenzie hanger is included with all wall forms in this series.

Change your mount from ordinary to extraordinary with McKenzie's premium quality Whitetail glass eyes and a Finished Wall Habitat®.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

Mount by Chris Barnhardt

  Item # Add'l
DU-50BlueOriginal 2 3/46Upright, STR18mmWT$52.90Buy Online
RD-12Red DuikerOriginal3 7 1/2 Upright, STR20mmWT$52.90Buy Online
SD-30Bush DuikerOriginal4 8 1/2 Upright, STRM28AS$55.35Buy Online
LSD-3010Bush Duiker - Pedestal410Upright, LT, CMM28AS$68.45Buy Online
LSD-5010Bush Duiker - Wall Pedestal410Upright, LT, CMM28AS$68.45Buy Online
GD101Bush Duiker3 3/4 8 1/2 Upright Alert, LT24mmWT $62.30Buy Online
GD202Bush Duiker4 1/4 9 Upright Alert, RT24mmWT$62.30Buy Online
PDK100Peter’s Duiker4 1/2 10 1/2 Upright Alert, STR24mmWT$69.45Buy Online
CD-1760Common DuikerSafari4 1/4 9 Upright, STR, CMM28AS$62.30Buy Online
CD-1761Common DuikerSafari4 1/4 9Upright, RT, CMM28AS$62.30Buy Online
CD-1762Common DuikerSafari4 1/4 9 Upright, LT, CMM28AS$62.30Buy Online
CD-5762Common Duiker - Wall Pedestal4 1/49Upright, LT, CMM28AS$69.10Buy Online