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Edge Droop Mannikins

The EDGE Droop Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mannikins

The Edge is an outstanding line of Whitetail Deer mannikins that now has even greater appeal. A droop or (semi-sneak) version of the Edge with a slight offset shoulder is available with all of the terrific benefits of the original upright EDGE whitetail line. A FREE McKenzie hanger is included with this series.

View: Benefits of the Edge Mannikins

Mount by Nickie Carter

  Item # ABCTurnEye
ED4837"19"23"LT32mm2 1/2RutYes$67.25Buy Online
ED4847"19"23"RT32mm2 1/2RutYes$67.25Buy Online
ED5437 1/4"19"22"LT32mm3 1/2Fall - WinterYes$67.25Buy Online
ED5447 1/4"19"22"RT32mm3 1/2Fall - WinterYes$67.25Buy Online
ED5837 1/4"20"24"LT32mm3 1/2RutYes$68.70Buy Online
ED5847 1/4"20"24"RT32mm3 1/2RutYes$68.70Buy Online
ED6837 1/2"21"25"LT32mm4 1/2RutYes$70.35Buy Online
ED6847 1/2"21"25"RT32mm4 1/2RutYes$70.35Buy Online
ED7837 3/4"22"26"LT32mm5 1/2RutYes$73.50Buy Online
ED7847 3/4"22"26"RT32mm5 1/2RutYes$73.50Buy Online
ED8837 3/4"24"29"LT32mm6 1/2RutYes$78.10Buy Online
ED8847 3/4"24"29"RT32mm6 1/2RutYes$78.10Buy Online