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Edge Upright Whitetail

The EDGE Upright Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mannikins

Sculpted by Rick Carter, these upright gameheads feature age-based anatomy, positive-set eye sockets and ear butts, season based musculature, anatomically accurate brisket, positive-fit head block angles and the most symmetrical and concentric surface areas possible. A FREE McKenzie hanger is included.

View: Benefits of the Edge Mannikins

Mount by Nickie Carter

  Item # ABCTurnEye
ED2106 1/2"15"16 1/2"Straight32mm1SummerYes$62.60Buy Online
ED2116 1/2"15"16 1/2"LT32mm1SummerYes$62.60Buy Online
ED2126 1/2"15"16 1/2"RT32mm1SummerYes$62.60Buy Online
ED2406 1/2"16"17 1/2"Straight32mm1 1/2Fall - WinterYes$64.05Buy Online
ED2416 1/2"16"17 1/2"LT32mm1 1/2Fall - WinterYes$64.05Buy Online
ED2426 1/2"16"17 1/2"RT32mm1 1/2Fall - WinterYes$64.05Buy Online
ED2806 1/2"17"19"Straight32mm1 1/2RutYes$65.75Buy Online
ED2816 1/2"17"19"LT32mm1 1/2RutYes$65.75Buy Online
ED2826 1/2"17"19"RT32mm1 1/2RutYes$65.75Buy Online
ED4107"16"17"Straight32mm2SummerYes$64.05Buy Online
ED4117"16"17"LT32mm2SummerYes$64.05Buy Online
ED4127"16"17"RT32mm2SummerYes$64.05Buy Online
ED4407"18"20 1/2"Straight32mm2 1/2Fall - WinterYes$65.75Buy Online
ED4417"18"20 1/2"LT32mm2 1/2Fall - WinterYes$65.75Buy Online
ED4427"18"20 1/2"RT32mm2 1/2Fall - WinterYes$65.75Buy Online
ED4807"19"23"Straight32mm2 1/2RutYes$67.25Buy Online
ED4817"19"23"LT32mm2 1/2RutYes$67.25Buy Online
ED4827"19"23"RT32mm2 1/2RutYes$67.25Buy Online
ED5107 1/4"17"18"Straight32mm3SummerYes$65.75Buy Online
ED5117 1/4"17"18"LT32mm3SummerYes$65.75Buy Online
ED5127 1/4"17"18"RT32mm3SummerYes$65.75Buy Online
ED5407 1/4"19"22"Straight32mm3 1/2Fall - WinterYes$67.25Buy Online
ED5417 1/4"19"22"LT32mm3 1/2Fall - WinterYes$67.25Buy Online
ED5427 1/4"19"22"RT32mm3 1/2Fall - WinterYes$67.25Buy Online
ED5807 1/4"20"24"Straight32mm3 1/2RutYes$68.70Buy Online
ED5817 1/4"20"24"LT32mm3 1/2RutYes$68.70Buy Online
ED5827 1/4"20"24"RT32mm3 1/2RutYes$68.70Buy Online
ED6107 1/2"18"19"Straight32mm4SummerYes$67.25Buy Online
ED6817 1/2"21"25"LT32mm4 1/2RutYes$71.95Buy Online
ED6827 1/2"21"25"RT32mm4 1/2RutYes$71.95Buy Online